Ajay Ramrake with Driver Parwinder Win the BMR 2015

KOSO Blindman’s Rally 2015 was flagged off by Hon’ble Mayor Shri Ashokji Murtadak from City Centre Mall at 8 am today. There were many more eminent personalities from Nashik present for the function. Mr. Nemichand Poddar, Mr. Sunil Bhaybhang, ACP Mr. Pardeshi were some of the dignitaries at the flag off. Total 85 entries were registered. However 73 participants actually took start. There were two all Women’s Team. Even the navigator was visually handicapped women. Total distance of the rally was 64 kms. Out of 73 starters, 51 participants completed the rally within MPL (Max Permitted Lateness).

This year the navigators were from Nashik city itself. Last year many had come from Jaipur Mumbai. But as this year the Blind Welfare Association got huge response from members from Nashik city only, hence the requirement of participants was fulfilled.

Warming up time was required for co-ordination between Driver and Navigator. It took some initial time. There was some confusion at few TC locations. Organizers have designed the route in such manner as to muddle the competitors. At TC 2 and TC 3 the competitors were supposed to cross the same lane in opposite directions. Obviously few drivers made mistakes there. When they saw the competitors coming from front, they thought that they are wrong. It also happened at TC 10 and TC 11. However competitors enjoyed it thoroughly.

The results of the BMR 2015 are as follows –

  • Most colourful car – comp No 66 Jaideep ALimchandani
  • Save Environment – comp No 47 Shanaya Mistry
  • Save Girl Child – comp No 33 Isha Bhandari
  • Promote Child Education – comp No 17 Bhavika Uttamsingh
  • Best Selfie – comp No 58 Pranav Majgaonkar

All these winners were presented with the trophy. The overall first 3 winners are as follows –

  • Overall 1st – Comp No 20 – Mr. Parwinder Singh Saundh with navigator Mr. Ajay Ramrake (Penalty 20 min 4 sec)
  • Overall 2nd – Comp No 34 – Ms. Gunjan Chopda with navigator Mr. Sandesh (Penalty 21 min 44 sec)
  • Overall 3rd – Comp No 43 – Mr. Bhavesh Patel with navigator Ms. Mangal Bhor (Penalty 25 min 58 sec)

The prize distribution ceremony was held at city centre mall in the afternoon. All competitors were cheering up the winners.