Day 1 – Rally of Nashik 2016

Day 1 was a skilled day for all the drivers of Rally of Nashik. WISA introduced first time in Nashik PROLOGUE a good skilled competition between Comp. NO. 5, 6  and Comp. No.7 to get minimum penalties. As their timings was very close, few sec. difference in cars. In two wheeler category Comp. No. 71 took 0 Penalties and Comp no 61 took Max. penalties.

This was a fun experience for all the competitors. and good no of spectators were present in NIWEC. Usually due to Industrial off (holiday) there was no outsiders other than NIWEC club members. All the competitors were just new the prologue but what it was actually, & how the penalties will be calculated was not known to drivers. They were brief  just before they start simultaneously two rounds of Prologue was going on one for Two wheeler and second one for Four wheeler .

As their were cars from Honda Brio to Skoda and even In nova so spectator had fun in seeing skill of drivers in driving  ZIC ZAC by specially driving reverse without breaking.

Between the Prologue There was a Driver’s Briefing at 3 PM. All the Drivers & Navigator were present for the meet. This was to give them rules and regulation while driving on rally routes to be followed. It was told to them that their mobile will be sealed tomorrow before actual start, breakage of seal will be treated as exit from competition.

The total no of entries for four wheeler 29 & for two wheelers 12

For NIWEC club category 9 cars And All Women Team 6 cars

In morning it self all the vehicles were checked by scrutineers as per RTO rules. No one was allowed to Drive without sit belt and helmet with proper Insurance on vehicles.

Competitors who had get more no. of penalties can still perform better with navigation skill tomorrow.

27th November Rally of Nashik will take actual start from NIWEC club at 8 AM in Morning starting with four wheeler first.