Trust Mahindra Adventure to show you parts of Goa that you never ventured to. One day of TSD rallying, one day of adventure activities (how does river rafting sound to you?), one day of off-road driving and lots of partying make up the Authentic Goa event.

Participants collect points through the event (even for the party attire!) and eventually the winners are announced. This event blends in driving and navigating skill to a family adventure – and has been a runaway success since inception.

Facts to remember –

  1. A 4 day expedition starting from south Goa through the unseen routes of Konkan belt and reaching the ‘party capital of Goa’.
  2. The entry fee is Rs. 50,000 per couple (Minimum 2 members required for a separate car allotment) & Rs. 25,000 per additional person
  3. Mahindra will take care of all the arrangements including hiring of vehicle, food, accommodation, permissions, medical and service facility will be taken care by us except for the fuel and toll expenses.
  4. Participants need to make their arrangement to reach Goa on their own

Mahindra reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any event without prior notice.

Please contact Anjan ( or Venkatesh ( for more details