This rally¬† will be run in compliance with the 2019 International Sporting Code of FIA and its appendices, the 2019 FMSCI General Prescription for TSD Rallies, the event’s Supplementary Regulations and bulletins by the FMSCI.

This Rally is an event, which tests your speed, traffic sense, awareness and most important time sense. There are not going to be hard boulders around, no speed races, no bumpy roads, and no breakage of vehicles. So relax, take your NAVIGATOR with you and read the following instructions very carefully.This is a Time Speed Distance Navigation Rally. You will be participating in your 4 wheeler with a Navigator.

The “Tour De Pink 2019” is a TSD event of approximately 170 Km for 4 Wheelers.
Sunday morning (13th Oct 2019) will be TSD rally.

Contact CRO Mr. Dinesh Shukla 9422247345 for entry details.

All vehicles irrespective of their CC will run as one class. Maximum number of entries accepted would be no more than 100.


  • Late Entries Close – 17:00 hrs Oct 11, 2019
  • Pre-event scrutineering – Apollo Hospital Nerul, Navi Mumbai at 09:00 hrs Oct 12, 2019
  • Compulsory Drivers’ Briefing – 17:30 hrs Oct 6, 2019
  • Start of Rally – 07:00 hrs Oct 13, 2019

The route of the Tour De Pink 2019 will be between the two cities of Mumbai and Pune. The roads will be TARMAC &/OR DIRT ROADS.

Stay tuned on this web page for more updates on the event.

For detailed information on TSD, check our Competitors FAQ page