Express Inn Rally of Nashik, 2014 – Press Conference

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Western India Sports Association once again brought exciting challenge for motor sports enthusiasts in Nashik. The “Express Inn Rally of Nashik” powered by “Exide Invared Tubular Battery” is presented by Red FM, scheduled on 28th September 2014. It is a fantastic opportunity for Nashikites to showcase their skill. This is TSD format rally which requires mathematical calculations and co-ordiantion between team members.WISA is organizing TSD rallies since its inception. Rather these events helped WISA to get its strength of volunteers today. In last 15 years the tally of such events of WISA has reached upto 40. There were Family Navigation rallies, All Women’s rallies, Blind man’s rally, National Championship TSD rallies, variety of TSD events. Hence this year we at WISA decided to make few changes in format.While registration for event, 2 persons’ team will be registered like always. Out of these registered entries, organizers will decide the team of 2 pairs by draw of lots. This will be done in the evening of 26th Sept., the last date of submission of entry form. Each team will consist of 4 persons. These 4 members will be informed about their counterparts. They can meet together on Sat. 27th Sept. and if wished, may change partners.

Both the competing pairs will start rally at same time from different locations on 28th Sept. They will run on separate routes. At the end, respective penalty points of each pair will be added together. Accordingly the team with least penalty points will be the winner. Same concept will be applied for 2 wheelers.

Along with team drive , one more surprise element in the event is “Self TC”. At some locations, the time controls will be manual as usual, whereas at few positions only the TC point will be demarked. TC no. will be mentioned at the site. Competitors can calculate their ideal time at that particular point as per Time Chart and write on their Time Card themselves. The penalties will be calculated like manual time controls.

WISA officials are confident that these changes in format will bring in more enjoyment. Each section will run for about 80 to 100 kms. The Event will be concluded by lunchtime on 28th Sept. In the evening the winners will be presented prizes in a grand ceremony at Hotel Express Inn. The team of 4 will be awarded the trophies for First , Second and Third positions. Same prizes will be given for Sectionwise winners too. Entry fee for 2 wheelers is Rs. 1000 and 4 wheelers is Rs. 2000. The related information with entry forms is available in WISA office and

The title sponsor of the event, Hotel Express Inn is a trend setter business hotel in the grape city. It is perfect combination of luxury and comfort for the visitors, be it a business trip or pleasure tour. The hotel is situated at picturesque location near Pandav Caves. The Express Inn group is supporting WISA’s TSD rally since last year.

Associate Title sponsor of the event, Exide Industries and WISA go back together since 7 years. Only exception was last year. 2014 rally is the 6th TSD rally sponsored by Exide Industries. This year they are supporting the rally under brand name of Invared Tubular Battery.

93.5 RED FM has long association with WISA. They support WISA for all National events and local events. It is a channel for youth. Young class is attracted towards speed and thrill related to motorsports. Naturally RED FM and WISA’s motorsports events blend together very well.

The omnipresent name in WISA’s events in 2014, is Sula Vineyards. They have given the city its new introduction. They are the pioneers of changing the taste of Nashikites.

Western India Sports Association is thankful to the Municipal Corporation of Nashik, City and Rural Police of Nashik for their co-operation.