From a Navigator’s perspective

Ashwin Naik

Ashwin Naik
Champion Navigator

Continuing in our series of getting expert views on IRC 2014, this time we got candid with one of the ace Navigator in the Indian Motorsports circuit, Ashwin Naik.

Here’s what he had to say, to the few questions we shot at him.


How challenging or exciting is the tarmac track as compared to the dirt tracks at other locations?

Well world wide tarmac rally is always a different ball game as the conditions change completely like the car setup/ Tyre choice/ suspension setup, also not to forget the speeds are higher. Surely rally on tarmac is exciting.

Will the competition become tougher after removing condition of being an Indian citizen for winning Championship points?

This may attract foreign talent towards India.

Competition always got the best in any form in this world. It is always a better situation to open class for cars and also have foreign driver so that we can evaluate our skills and pace of our cars.

How would you compare Rally of Maharshtra with other rounds of Championship, other than being only Tarmac event?

Well always been the best rally in my rally career of 19 years(bike/cars). My first overall victory was in this very rally.

Love the little marshals way they do their job. Can’t miss kaka ka daba and also Pandu kaka and all my loving marshals.