Gaurav undoubtedly King of the Road !!

Podium Finish

Podium Finish

Podium Finish

Podium Finish

Champagne Shower

Champagne Shower

And the winner is...

And the winner is…

Mahindra Adventure Rally of Maharashtra, 1st round of FMSCI IRC, was a huge successful event. Gaurav became the Overall winner today with just 1 hr. 28 min. 30 sec. time. On Saturday he incurred 100 penalties he overcame that and took lead since start of the day. When contacted during Podium Finish ceremony, he said,” The Mahindra team had prepared the XUV very different than previous year. So I was not very conversant with the vehicle prior to the event. Also the stages were difficult than last year.But enjoyed the event thoroughly. No doubt best organized round of IRC.” Amit Rajit and Ashwin Naik the Runner Up in Overall category, also praised the Young marshals of WISA a lot. Amit said,” It is always a pleasure to come to Nashik event. The amount of support we get from media and fans is fantastic. I don’t get this much coverage in Kolkata also where I come from.”

Aditya Dhiwar and Parag Dhiwar, the Nashikite pair, were on Podium in first ever IRC round. They were speechless and could not express their joy. Really it is definitely a matter of pride for Nashik to get our sons on Podium of Rally of Maharashtra.

The results are

Overall category

1. Gaurav Gill and Musa Sherif 1 hr.28 min. 30 sec.
2. Amittrajit Ghosh and Ashwin Naik 1 hr. 30 min. 18 sec.
3. Byram Godrej and Somayya A.G. 1 hr. 32 min. 11 sec.

2000 cc category

1. Byram Godrej and Somayya A. G.
2. Rahul Kantharaj and Vivek Bhat
3. Sumit Panjabi and Venu Ramesh Kumar

1600 cc category

1. Hrishikesh Thackersey and Ninad Mirajgaonkar
2. Sirish Chandran and Nikhil Pai
3. Druva Chandrashekharan and B. Roopesh

1600 Cup

1. Anirudha Ranganekar and Arjun Mehta
2. Adith K. C. and Harish K. N.
3. Parag Dhiwar and Aditya Dhiwar