Grand start of the Women’s Rally !!

Car and bike Rally organized specially for the Women by the Men. Sarvangi Presents, York Women’s Rally 2014. started off in high energy from Sarvangi Sarees, College Road. There was tremendous excitement all over the venue. Always we see ladies getting hyper during weddings or other functions. But for this Rally it was more as totally unknown world with new perspectives was opening in front of them. Naturally level of enthusiasm was at top. The ladies were exploring the new horizon of motorsports. There was a complete satisfaction glowing on every face.

Half of the competitors had participated in previous rallies. However most of them were new. Entering for the first time. It is really creditable that 50% of the women are freshers. This is the fun of this sport, even if you do not have experience, no sporty vehicle you can participate and win too. So there was no tension on any of the faces. This is the magic of this type of Motorsports.


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Most of the participants got to know about the Rally from newspapers. They came to WISA office and registered their names. Then on the eve of flag off there was document verification and vehicle scrutiny was held. After getting done with all formalities, competition no. is alotted to them. Then they are ready for Flag off.

Hon. MLA Mrs. Seematai Hire flagged off the first vehicle from Sarvangi Sarees. Last year she herself had participated in Woman’s Rally. So she could give few tips to the participants as well. Seematai conveyed best wishes to the ladies participating in York Women’s Rally presented by Sarvangi.  Sanjeev Jindal from RED FM and Mr. Krishna Bhandage from Sarvangi Sareeswere present for the Flag off too. Once the cars and bikes were flagged off then they were taken to the parade thr’ Gangapur Road and College Road. All vehicles reportedback to Sarvangi, where briefing meeting was held afterwards.

The enrolled competitors had names of last year winners Anjani Gangawane and Savita Patil. Many doctors have also participated. There is Angel Swanson from USA , too as participant. She married to Vikrant from Nashik. They are on vacation here. When she got the information about this special rally, it perked her interest. And here she is. Participating in Women’s Rally. Total no of participants are 35. Out of which, many are participating since last 5-6 years. Other are new-comers. For bikes, only one entry is from experienced competitor. All other are freshers.

All experienced and fresh competitors will participate in the rally on Sunday. The York Women’s Rally presented by Sarvangi will start from Sarvangi Sarees on Sunday by 8 am and the competition will run all around Nashik city and suburbs. The event will end at York Winery. Same day results will be compiled and be announced in the evening  grand function of Prize Distribution York Winery again. It will be a great experience for all competitors as well as for the spectators too. We salute to the Sporting Spirit of Nashik Ladies.