Hike in participation than 2014!!

Entries were finalized for Mahindra Adventure Rally of Maharashtra 2015 by 6 pm today (Jun 2, 2015). Total 25 pairs have registered themselves for the speed extravaganza. Out of 25 entries, 3 are from Maharashtra. Though competitors comprise from all over India, Karnataka dominates the entry list for Rally of Maharashtra. Main reason behind this is, the tuners are based in Banglore and Coimbtore. So the boys from neighborhood take more interest. These cars are available on hire also from these tuners at reasonable rates. The tuners provide service too during the events at additional cost. No ladies entry received. Last year there were 2. While females taking away most of other fields’ top positions, motorsports still not alluring them enough.

There is another interesting point is that this year many participants have preferred VW POLO car. Till recently the maximum cars used to be from Maruti. Now the crown is replaced by Volkswagon. 10 competitors will drive POLO in the event.

A few years back, 2 leading Tyre manufacturers used to sponsor teams in then INRC. As they are fading off from the scene, this year International manufacturer, Yokohama has entered IRC with 2 Champions. Rahul Kantharaj, defending 2000 cc champion and Karna Kadur, a good driver are sponsored by Team Yokohama. Definitely, ‘achche din aa rahe hai.’

For Nashikites, it is a good news that one of our own Nashikcha Mulga, Aditya Dhiwar is also participating with another Punekar, Aniruddha Ranganekar. Aniruddha is regular name on the scene of IRC since few years. In 2013 Aditya had participated with his cousin. Let’s see how this duo perform this year.

The star attractions are there in Rally of Maharashtra this year too. Mahindra Adventure sponsored APRC and IRC Champion for 2014 Gaurav Gill, JCT man Samir Thapar, Arjun Rao Aroor, 2013 National Champion Amitrajit Ghosh, oh, it’s fun and thrilling to watch, how these men convince their cars to achieve optimum.

Next week it will be vroom vroom all over city. Before recitals of ancient mantras during Kumbh, the atmosphere will be echoing the screeching of tyres. Now WISA officials are counting days with fingertips. Getting ready for the biggest sporting event of the year. So now wait n watch Nashikkar.