Tarmac requires a very clean and precise approach: Amittrajit

Amittrajit Ghosh

Amittrajit Ghosh
2013 Champion

Today we bring to you, another small email interview, we took of the defending champion of Rally of Maharashtra, held in Nashik last year; Amittrajit Ghosh.

Here are his expert views

On the introduction of Polos during the past season?

The introduction of the Polos had an effect on the sport in the sense that we had a new car and new team enter rallying. However, in terms of an impact on the Overall standings, I guess there wasn’t any apart from the fact that some competitors opted for the Polo instead of the Cedia.

The fact that we won the Championship in a Cedia proved that the Polo clearly didn’t have a hands on advantage over the Cedia. However, its always nice to have a new car and new team enter rallying and hope VW comes in as a proper factory outfit this year and am specially interested to see how their new Polo R2 performs.

How challenging or exciting is the tarmac track?

Having started my motor sports career in racing, I love tarmac. Tarmac is always faster and a lot more unforgiving than gravel. Its always a great way to start of the year with this event as you are jolted back from your off season blues within a few kms.

In terms of driving, tarmac requires a very clean and precise approach and that is something I like. All in all, Nashik is the perfect drivers event and something all of us look forward to.