WISA brings TSD Rally for Nashikites yet again !!

Once again WISA has brought fun filled event of TSD (Time, Speed, Distance) Rally for Nashik on 28th September. It is an event which can be enjoyed with minimum expenses in shortest period of time. “RED FM presents, Express Inn Rally of Nashik, Powered by Exide Invared Tubular Batteries.”

WISA is organizing such events since more than 15 years. Till now there have been over 40 plus such events by WISA. This year too it will be more fun to drive in monsoon on Nashik’s city roads. More challenging and brain-storming it will be ! Organizers have brought in few surprises into the game too. The route of the rally has been finalized accordingly. The total run will be about 80 kms within Nashik City limits and few areas from Rural jurisdiction. We can describe TSD rally as the safest type of motorsports events which should run with co-ordination among time, speed and distance. Those who have participated in earlier events will vouch for the fact, that it gives you different energy and inspiration.

All 4 wheerlers, from Tata Nano to Audi will be part of one single class. This event is scheduled for 2 wheelers as well. All 2 wheelers will run in single class only. Any road legal vehicle can be part of the event subject to correct documents. The participants will follow all traffic rules while driving in rally too. With regular Insurance the owner will have to take special rally cover from Insurance company for one day.

For Express Inn Rally of Nashik, Organizers have brought a surprise element. Normally one competing team consists of driver and co-driver. This time, there will be team of 2 such pairs. Both members of the team will start at same time from different locations on different routes. The penalties of both pairs will be consolidated and winners will be declared. To run as team, participants need to co-ordinate among themselves. Hence WISA will introduce the team members to each other one day prior to the event. They can meet together and if needed swap partners too. The route of both pairs will be totally different and they should remain on their respective route only. One more entertaining fact is there will be few Self Time controls with regular Manual Time controls. How these will function, will be explained to the competitors during briefing. Or anyone interested can contact the WISA officials.

All these components will definitely raise the bar of the rally. However as there is introduction of few changes in the format for the first time, the winners will be decided in two categories.

First category of winners will be of course the team of 2 pairs. i.e. 4 persons’ team. In this category best 3 will be awarded with the trophy. There will be similar best 3 winners individually too. i.e. best 3 among each section. Same prizes will be applicable to 2 wheeler category also.

The Express Inn Hotel, Exide Invared Tubular Batteries, RED FM are part of the Rally as Title sponsors. Sula Vineyard supports WISA’s all events unconditionally. Nashik Municipal Corporation, Nashik City and Rural police departments are always supportive of WISA for all rallies.

Last date to submit entry forms is 26th Sept. 2014 till 7.00 pm in WISA office. Entry fee for 4 wheelers is Rs.2000 and for 2 wheelers is Rs.1000 only. For more details log in to www.wisa.org.in or contact WISA office at Shop No. 1, Galaxy Apartment, Opp. Tirupati Town, Off Gangapur Road, Nashik. Ph. 2316067. Those who want to register themselves as Marshals / volunteers for the event, may contact office too.