WISA President’s Interview on RED FM 93.5

Talking about the enthusiasm amongst Nashikites and Motorsport fans all over India. WISA has worked relentlessly for all its events, would be our big achievement to have successfully organized 100 events. We are closing in on that number very soon.

Probably, for the first time in a National Motorsports Event, we shall be having the Service Park in the heart of the city with bustling crowd, in Nashik City Centre Mall.

A film creation has been planned in association with Power Drift. Which will give us an opportunity to get maximum exposure and help us reach more audiences across social networks.

A brief about the rally program, which starts from June 12th with the Ceremonial Flag Off, then Super Special Stage at Dadasaheb Phalke Smarak, Nashik on June 13th. And cut throat competition stages on Saturday June 14th and Sunday June 15th. Followed by Podium Finish at The Gateway Hotel, on June 15th itself.

How our rally succeeds with marshalls’ army, with excellent work especially done over the years by our brigade of little Marshalls. We appeal to all Nashikites and Rally enthusiasts in general, to come in big numbers to witness this annual event.