Day at Express Inn Rally of Nashik, 2014

The Express Inn Rally of Nashik started at 8.00 am from Express Inn premises. As per the principle of Team entries applied for the first time, the vehicles started from 2 different gates at same time. There was one team made from 2 pairs of competitors. Total no. of pairs was 50, so there were 25 teams. About 20 teams met together on Saturday and decided their common strategy. 2 -3 competitors did not know who their team members were. 2-3 participants asked about the change as, why it was introduced.

WISA team envisioned while introducing the “Team” concept about the growing awareness for Motorsports. It was successful upto some extent. The intention of implementing the idea was, benefit the novice competitors by pairing them with experienced players. This may increase excitement of the game.

As usual the newcomers fully enjoyed the rally. The variety of cars and 2 wheelers was awesome. Mercedes, Mahindra XUV, Maruti 800, Automatic Skoda, Maruti Gypsy, and so on. In 4 wheeler category 34 pairs registered. 21 different models were part of the list. Similarly, 2 wheeler list of 16 entries consisted 11 different models. During start, it was looking like an exhibition of vehicles.