Day winners of Mahindra Adventure Rally of Maharashtra

The second day of  Mahindra Adventure Rally of Maharashtra, the first round of FMSCI IRC, went off very well without any major hiccups. Good for organizers. After very crowded Phalke Smarak stage today the Rally cars were roaring in the spectacular ghats of Bhandardara for the whole day. They finished 6 special stages today. During day, every competitor’s performance was varying thr’out day. After first section all cars came for service at Nashik City Centre. Media was present at service park to talk with the players. Competitors were also very open for interview.

The first starter of the day Amit Rajit is giving good fight to his team mate Gaurav Gill. Till afternoon he was only 16 seconds behind Gaurav. Amit Rajit has entered first time in Diesel XUV, still he has done very good. This is what makes National Champion. However he told our representative that he is not very confident about XUV. Not very conversant with the vehicle yet.

Nashikite Aditya and his cousin Parag Dhiwar were just saved by the grace of God. Aditya gave one wrong call and they were about to topple. However Parag used his experience and controlled the car. Otherwise they would have gone off the road and toppled. Aditya shared the experience while talking to media in the afternoon at service park. If the duo keep rolling good they can come on podium tomorrow. Presently they are second in their class.

The unexpected and pleasant surprise was the performance of Byram Godrej in Overall category. He has placed all possible winners behind and stepped to overall third position. Now the big responsibility is to hold onto the position.

Except 16 no. competitor , all other finished the route for the day. They went off the road so had to leave the rally half way for the day. Their vehicle was towed into the service park in the afternoon. The mechanic has started working on it. If they finish work by tomorrow morning, the competitor may start for Sunday under Super Rally Format.

During first loop Samir Thapar became slow in Beta stage. However he tried to make up the gap in Gamma stage and clocked fastest time (5:41) Again for second loop he recorded fastest time in Alpha stage (9:51) 2 seconds faster than Gaurav. Though Gaurav took 2 seconds less than first loop (9:53) Samir was 2 seconds faster than that too.

Overall :

1. Comp. No.   1 Gaurav Gill and Musa Sherif  00:58:20
2. Comp.No.   2 Amit Rajit Ghosh and Ashwin Naik 00:59:08
3. Comp. No. 10 Byram Godrej and Somayya A.G. 01:01:44

2000 CC :

1. Comp. No. 10 Byram Godrej
2. Comp. No. 5 Rahul kanthraj
3. Comp.No. 6 Sumit Panjabi

1600 CC :

1. Comp.No. 11 Hrishikesh Thakarsi
2. Comp.No. 7 Sirish Chandran
3. Comp.No. 18 Druva C.

1600 Cup:

1. Comp.No. 13 Aniruddha Ranganekar
2. Comp.No. 14 Parag Dhiwar and Aditya DHiwar (Nashik)
3. Comp.No. 12 Adith K.C.