Good news for all ladies!!

Think about a Sunday when ladies from our houses going to participate in Car or Two wheeler Rally & winning it too. This winning is special because it’s not only winning a competition, but against that typical mentality where ‘ladies & driving’ is a big Joke. Many of these people even think that ‘ladies should not drive!!!’

So girls show your power and participate in

Sarvangi Sarees Presents

York Women’s Rally 2014

On Sunday 7th of December 2014.

The rally is organized specially for Women. It is for two wheelers and four wheelers as well. May be this word ‘Rally’ is giving you a threat? Don’t worry, WISA is there to take care on every step. Coz WISA has organized lot many rallies safely & successfully too. All you need to participate in this rally is one vehicle and two ladies’ team. Some essential papers like driving license, RC book, etc. There are some other necessary formalities too, but if you go to WISA office they have all answers and papers as well.

Now are you thinking about your car or bike… Oh and about your experience? Of course you can, but it is not even needed… That’s right if you don’t have a sport vehicle or you are a fresher, still you can win this rally coz this is TSD rally, which is based on ‘Time, Speed & Distance’.

If you manage to complete the distance in given time with particular speed (which is not more than your regular i.e. 45kmph) you can win…

Oh yes… now there is big big question of money no? Then get ready for participation, coz it is just 1000/- Rs. for two wheelers and 2000/- Rs for four wheelers only. It is inclusive of road book, food coupon, etc.. The ladies working in Corporate companies can compete each other as a team. Minimum 3 pairs should participate from single company to become eligible as team entry.

Both these rallies two and four wheelers will start same day same place from Sarvangi Saree’s, Gangapur Road on given time as per the discipline of WISA. First two wheelers will be flagged off then four wheelers. After first Bike, the other bikes will start at ONE MINUTE interval as per order and same applies to cars. It means the excitement will go high n high every minute and the rally concluded with results and prize distributions same day evening at YORK Winery…

Your year end and New Year is going to be bang on because of this rally, which you will miss a lot till next event for sure. So don’t hesitate and be a part of this magnificent experience. To participate contact


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Gangapur Road, Nashik – 422013

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