IRC 2015 – Pre-Event and Post-Event Media Coverage

Snapshots from the overwhelming response from the press fraternity to cover this prestigious event. Newspaper cuttings from a bouquet of dailies across popular to emerging ones, from marathi, hindi to english. This article comprises of news articles from pre-event as well as post-event days.

Deccan Herald

Deccan Herald 13th june Deccan Herald 14th june Deccan Herald 15th june


Deshdoot 13th June Deshdoot 14th june Deshdoot 15th june

Deshdoot Times

DT 10th june DT 11th june DT 12th june DT 13th june DT 14th june DT 15th June

Divya Marathi

DM 12th June DM 13th june DM 15th june


Esakal 14th june e-sakal 15th june


Gavkari 11th june Gavkari 12th june Gavkari 13th June Gavkari 14th June Gavkari 15th June

Hamara Mahanagar

Hamara Mahanagar 4th June Hamara Mahanagar 11th june


Lokmat 12th june Lokmat 13th june lokmat 14th june Lokmat 15th june

Lokmat Times

LT 3rd june LT 12th june LT 13th june Lokmat 14th june LT 15th june


Loksatta 15th june

Maharashtra Times

MT 5th june MT 10th june MT 11th june MT 12th junE MT 13th June MT 14th june MT 15th June


pudhari 12th june Pudhari 13th June Pudhari 14th june pudhari 15th june


pudnyanagari 12th june PunyaNagari 13th june Punyanagari14th june puunyanagari 15th june


SAKAL 3rd june SAKAL 4th june sakal 5th june sakal 6th june sakal 7th june sakal 8th june sakal 10 june sakal 10th june sakal 11th june Sakal 12th june sakal 13th june


 Sakal 14th june sakal 15th June Sakal 28th April sakal pune 14th june sakal13th june

The Hindu

The Hindu 13th june

The Times of India

TOI 3rd june TOI 13th june TOI 14th june Bengaluru TOI 14th june TOI 15th June TOI Bengaluru 15th june