Nashikite ladies paint the town RED !!!

‘Sarvaangi presents York women’s Rally 2014’ started with a bang, sharp by 8 am from Sarvaangi sarees Gangapur road. People who roaming around for morning walk, or news paper guys n other guys could not hide surprise on their face. Women driving cars & two wheelers, their vehicles are decorated, other people are wishing them. And whole atmosphere changed like some magic is happening around. But truly there was great satisfaction on every participant’s face, because this is a rally organized for women by the men. You think how special that every lady should be feeling.

All the sorcerers & main organisers WISA were there at the start point, to flag off & wish all these ladies all the Best. First two-wheeler started sharp by 8 am. Mr. Ravi Gurnani was there to flag off. Then one by one all two wheelers started for actual rally which was followed by cars after just 10 minutes. And on the first possession there was winner of Mirchi Women’s Rally. Then Apurva & Sanmitra Bhandge of Sarvangi Sarees gave flag off to next cars. There was a participant from Deolali in car No 34. She is a school teacher & her son Tanish gave her flag off for this rally. Of course there is a contestant form USA. Her name is Angel Swanson in car No 49. Her father in law gave flag off to her car. So it was fantastic start with fun & enthusiasm.

Many vehicles were decorated with some innovative ideas & a social message as well. Like No 1 two-wheeler was decorated with the message “Proud to be Woman”. Or car No 43 was decorated with message of “save the girl child”. Car No 35 gave very important message of “Eye Donation” & No 34 was displaying X’mas on the car as its December is there. ‘Marriage is not only a transaction but the bond of love between two families. So save families and don’t go for divorce’ this fantastic message was given by car No 42. It was not only like save the girl child or families but also save the Tigers as well. See these ladies are so fearless who want to save Tigers… Bravo…

Now before rally start, all the marshals were on their possessions. Means on the control points; completely ready to welcome the participants. Each & every information like vehicles flag off, their Nos, order etc. were communicated to them on ham Radio. And the rally started…

Lot many funny things also happened in this rally. Like on the marshal point 10 which was stated on Satpur ambad link road, vehicles came late. And when they came at marshal point there was a satisfaction on their face like “Oh finally… we got it…”. Some vehicles were about to miss that marshal point & all of a sudden they tricked “Oh my god… here is a TC….’. Then they came back to point; completed the formalities and pushed off. There was a bridge before this point. Car No 35 came to that bridge, get confused, took reverse & started in opposite direction… Then they must have find other car going towards Ambad so they also came to right path. So these ladies must have learned a very important lesson, what ‘being on the right track’ means…

Surprisingly Mrs Seematai Hire MLA of Nashik visited to the marshal point No 14 of Mahatma Nagar. She admitted that she loves driving & participated in rallies as well, when she came to flag off yesterday.

As a competitor you have to keep an eye on time, speed & distance, also be very keen about competition as well. Again there is a threat of double penalty if you reached early to any marshal point. So there is lot of fun in this motor sport. Now when the Rally started; car No 31 was leading. But competitors have to do lot many calculations & other confusing points are also there. So car No 31 lost their lead n car No 35 came ahead. Well if you are leading means not you will be the winner. There might be other facts which can drag you, coz this is TSD rally. And its all set to surprise you with every aspects.

So if any doubts are there about results, WISA is there to give every explanation. And this time 50% ladies are participated first time so everybody is very curious about results.

Many of these ladies are teachers, Doctors and some of them are purely home makers.

Now let’s go to results. There is best decorated vehicle category in this rally. And that award goes to two-wheeler No 6, who displayed X’mas very nicely. And car No 42 for beautifully displayed ‘save family message’. This is women’s Rally. That’s why there was some special sister in law category. This award won by Prajkta joshi & Rupali Sawkar in four wheelers category (car No 54).

And here are overall results of “Sarvangi Sarres presents York Women’s Rally 2014”

Overall winners – two-wheelers –

1] Aarti & Gauri Burkule (No. 4)

2] Ashwini Pingale & Pooja patil (No. 1)

3] Varsha & Renuka Vaidya (N0. 2)
Detailed Results

Overall winners – four wheelers –

1] Aditi Agrawal & Vasanthy P.K. – car No 32

2] Sadhana Patil & Veena Malu – car No 41

3] Prajakta wani & Rasila Wadwalkar – car No 46
Detailed Results

The grand ceremony of this rally was held on the York Winery.

Heartiest Congratulations to all the participants and their family members, who supported them for this rally. We wish them all the very best for their future.