Rally of Nashik 2016 – Prologue

Rally of Nashik 2016 – 24/11/2016 was the  last day for entries. WISA has received a total of 30 + entries. There are two Categories Four wheeler  and Two wheeler.

Rally of Nashik will officially start its Prologue round on Saturday, 26/11/2016. Which  is a fun experience for all the participating Rally drivers / riders. This is the time to cheer our own Nashik Drivers / Riders for Prologue. Lets gather by 9.30 AM at NIWEC to have fun and experience all the new concept for Driving / Riding skills. In an era of Skill India lets do Skill Driving.
In TSD rally format, navigator has a major role to play, but due to PROLOGUE they can’t complain as their Driving Skill will give them a chance to earn Zero Penalties before actual start. Zic zac driving forward and reverses also need skill, taking U-turn in small area. Competitors need to drive / ride same vehicle which they are going to run on 27th November (Rally day). Competitors will start on 27th November with penalties they earn from Prologue .
Nashikites normally  support WISA for entries with a big number. But this year due to Motocross on same date in Pune, few riders could not confirm their entries. Demonetization too has hampered few entries of four wheeler, due to shortage in new currency. WISA will allow their supporters to give entry tomorrow at last minutes if they have one day Rally cover insurance with them for the vehicle.
Before Prologue Vehicle scrutiny check needs to get done as per RTO rules.
Prologue will start from 9.30 AM  till 3  PM at NIWEC .
Driver’s briefing will start by 3 PM at NIWEC auditorium.
on 27th November Rally will start from NIWEC at 8 AM.