Results after SS4

Now competitors have finished special stage No 4 of MRF Rally of Maharashtra 2016. Nashik’s own hero Suraj Kute has improved his performance after first section. Now he is at second position in IRC category. However another competitor Ganesh Lokhande could not continue his position. He has reduced to 7th position after SS4. However still 2 more stages to go. He can improve.

Gaurav clocked 8 min 42 seconds in Kavnai stage during first loop. However in second loop he is a bit slower. 8 min 55 seconds. May be he is being a bit cautious. He has kept his first position thr’out 4 stages. Doesn’t want to take risk now. Incredible performance. Truly hero into himself.
Arjun Rao Aroor has kept his promise very well. Not far behind Gaurav, Arjun has improved his timing in Kavnai stage from first loop. In morning session Arjun took 9 min 16 seconds, whereas afternoon session Arjun completed same stage in just 9 min 1 second. Only 6 seconds slower than Gaurav.
Buck up Arjun !! Nashikites always cheer new Hero !!
Gaurav, your fans are waiting to see you on the Podium !