Samir thanks Nashikkars for the support !!

Main action has started in the ghats of Bhandardara since early morning. All cars started from Nashik City Center after 6.00 am. Samir , the hero of Phalke Smarak stage was very fresh today morning. He acknowledged the applaud received from Nashikites there. He said,” Nashikwalone hame khush kar diya.”

When talked to Aditya Dhiwar, he is hopeful to fulfill Nashikites’ wish that he should be on podium. Sirish Chandran, second fastest said,” Keeping fingers crossed”.

In first stage of 14th June, Alpha which is 12.40 kms, Gaurav Gill seems to the fastest. Yesterday brakes of his vehicles were not working properly. It seems that his tuner has made the car perfect for the ride. He took only 9 min. 26 sec to finish the stage.  Whereas his compatriot AmitRajit clocked second best till 8.30 am , only 10 min.
Samir Thapar completed the stage in 10 min. 16 sec.