Mr. Ashwin Pandit
President, WISA

A decade and half old Western India Sports Association has proved its worthiness once again. After a gap of one year , WISA has been elected as Council Member of FMSCI once again. Councilors are Directors who manage the affairs of the Federation and also decide the direction of working of the Federation. Mr. Bharat Raj, Chairman of KMSC,  has been unanimously elected as the President of the FMSCI. KMSC is very old organization from  Banglore and member of FMSCI since its inception.

For WISA it is a real prestige to be the councillor as its existence is there since merely 15 years. It is the hardwork of all members and volunteers . The passionate working of WISA officials has led the pathway to this victory. This proves that without any Godfatherly influence the consistency and sincerity in work can get you at the top level.

In 2000, many had their doubts about working of WISA. But after 15 years , no one can raise a question regarding capability of WISA. Mr. Ashwin Pandit, The President of WISA, has led the team in such way and with passion that WISA was choice of every member voting at Elections of FMSCI at Chennai on 29th December 2014. Mr. Pandit thanked everyone and expressed that this is the result of harwork of his team.

WISA, is not only representing Nashik at Federation, but also whole western region, as it is the only organization from West, working as councillor.