Women’s rally, 2014 – at final stage

Finally we are facing the day where ‘Sarvangee Sarees presents York Women’s Rally 2014’ is about to start. The format of this Rally is TSD. That’s why many ladies came to WISA office with queries and doubts. Mainly it was to understand what exactly this rally means.  After having all the clarity finally they enrolled their names with full of confidence.

Now tomorrow on 6th of December 2014 by evening all the documents and other formalities of participants will be complete at Sarvangi Sarees Gangapur Road. After that the list and order of rally will be published at same venue. Which u can see on web site of WISA as well. Along with that there will be a training session for all the participants, coz on Sunday they have to play actual rally without any problem. So it is mandatory. It will followed by ‘Flag off ceremony’ by a celebrity at Sarvangi Sarees by 5:30 / 6 pm. Then there is a pared of all the participated vehicles will start. It will go to Gangapur Road towards Jehan Circle, then via Bhosla Military School it will come to College Road. It will go straight to Canada Corner, then to Gangapur Road and finally back to Sarvangi Sarees.

All these vehicles will display their special stickers of participation. Also you can see some specially decorated vehicles in it. A very prestigious pared which is organized only for women. Every spectator on the road will salute to these women & their sprit for what they are. We know college road means collegians biking very rash. But these ladies will drive in this pared with a dignity. And show this world that they are also not behind on any front nowadays. Also they will ask to all other ladies to participate in this Rally next time for sure. Coz this Rally is for the women by the men!

Actually we have still not completed with the target. May be the wedding session is there. So many ladies might be interested but not getting possible. But this is our experience. People come to enroll their names till last moment. And at last we have to say No to them. Its like movie show. Some people book tickets in advance and some of them come to booking window after show started. But this is Rally. We have to say ‘No’ if you come at last moment.

Well after so much of hard work now on 7th December 2014, by 8am the Rally will start from Saravngi Sarees Gangapur Road. It is a two wheeler and four wheeler Rally as well. So the first Two wheeler will start by 8am sharp. And other two wheelers will go as per order every minute. First car will followed by last two wheeler after 10 minutes. And the actual rally will start. The rout of rally is around Nashik about 150 Km. and that road book will be handover just one minute before they start for the rally. The Rally will finished at York winery by 2 to 2:30pm. with full of satisfaction.

All marshals will keenly note timings and vehicle’s No etc. that data will be submitted to main judges. And they will come to final results with full efficiency. It will be declared at York Winery by evening in a grand ceremony… yes the Prize Distribution! Everybody will cheer with success and satisfaction, with a promise to participate in next Rally for sure. Coz it’s a Rally for the Women by the men!!!