Amittrajit Ghosh / Ashwin Naik are up for the challenge at Nashik

amittrajit-ghosh-rnd1The MRF Rally of Coimbatore was the first round of the 2016, MRF FMSCI INRC and IRC.

Mahindra Adventure’s Amittrajeet Ghosh and Ashwin Naik battled hard to take victory at the first round of the 2016 Indian National Rally Championship, the MRF Rally of Coimbatore. 2nd position Sunny Sidhu and PVS Murthy. Third place went to Dean Mascarenhas and Shanmuga S, who also emerged victorious in the INRC 2000 class. The IRC is restricted to Indian drivers in foreign cars or foreign drivers in either Indian or foreign cars. The INRC is restricted to two-wheel drive machines, but four-wheel drive machines are allowed in the IRC.

Amitrajeet belongs to the tribe of the fast and the furious. Being behind the steering wheel right from the tender age of two, Amitrajeet Ghosh is known to his neighbors in Golf Green for screeching around the neighborhood in his car, practicing from midnight to three in the morning.

Winning Go Karting championships from 18 years and taking part in rallies, Amitrajeet has just won the fourth and fifth rounds at the National Racing Championships at Chennai. And in the process he became the first one from eastern region to do so. For the moment Amitrajeet is racing in a FISSME (Formula India Single Seater Maruti Engine) car, or simply a Formula India car which is used by all participants.

London City boy Amitrajit Ghosh achieved a rare distinction of being the first Indian to enter the British Rally Championship. Amitrajit will have Ashwin Naik as the co-driver. The team will be sponsored by Pincon Group of Kolkata. Originally Kolkata-based driver, earlier this year, took part in the British Rally Championship’s first round in Wales.

The Indian competed in the BRC4 category, finishing third, along with co-driver Ashwin Naik, in their maiden international rally.

As Ghosh prepares for the 2016 Indian Rally Championship, the Bengal ace is already looking ahead for more races internationally, targeting WRC and ERC for long-term, while for 2017, he aims to compete in the Drive DMACK Fiesta Trophy.

He is with Mahindra Adventure Team. He won Championship Titles : 2013, 2012 Overall & 2007 1400 cc class INRC Debut : 2007 Championship Titles : 2013, 2012 Overall INRC Debut : 1995

Amitrajeet secured 3rd position last year at Rally of Maharashtra 2015 at Nashik Round

We wish  our Best wishes to Amitrajeet & Ashwin to continue winning in 2 nd round of IRC/INRC Nashik .