Summary after SS1 & SS2 – Rally Of Maharashtra 2015

The first round of FMSCI IRC started off today at Nashik. Only 26 cars started from City Centre Mall in the morning. First car started at 6.30 am and every other car after 2 minutes interval. Comp No 21 withdrew his entry last night due to some domestic reason. Because of the emergency, he had to rush back. And he mailed his withdrawal to the organizers after reaching home. We could get exact reason.

 All cars finished Alpha stage in time. Samir Thapar was faster than Gaurav in Alpha stage during first loop. Samir clocked 9 min 37 sec where Gaurav took 9 min 39 sec. It was a warning for Gaurav. Let’s see what happens after another stage. Still Gaurav has many opportunity to reverse the picture.
After these 2 fast men, as expected was Arjun Rao Aroor with 9 min 49 sec. He is another competitor to watch for.

After Beta stage, the picture doesn’t seem to be changing. Samir is still 3 seconds faster than Gaurav. However at No 3 position is now Amitrajit Ghosh, yet another Mahindra team.
After 2 stages leading pair in 2000 CC class is Comp No 4 Rahul and Vivek. In 1600 category, Dean Maskarehans, Comp No 9 is leading with his co-driver P Shrupata.