Last day starts for Rally of Maharashtra

Yesterday when the day ended, Amit Rajit ghosh Comp. No. 2 was leading. Gaurav was the fastest in stages, however he received some penalties in service park. Therefore at the end of the day, Amit was the leader.

Today, the last day of the event, started off very well. Exactly on schedule first car started from Nashik at 7.00 am and alpha stage at 8.43 am. As in the early morning there was a light shower of rain , climate was very good and in Beta stage it was very windy. Ofcourse it was expected as there are so many windmills all around.

Even though Gaurav incurred penalty points in service park, he seems to cover the difference of 57 seconds between Amit and him and after Alpha stage he was faster by 7 seconds. Amit has stepped down to Overall second position after SS8 and Byram has hold to his position at Third overall.